Veggie Box Pricing

We would love to have you join our veggie box subscirption this year.
When you pay in cash/check it comes out to be:
27.50/week for a full share
18.97/week for a partial share
Here is the nitty gritty of our pricing break down for the year:
When you sign up for Veggie Box the price is automatically adjusted for the week you are 'jumping in'.

The price you see when you click the "Sign Up Now' button is the highest price and includes credit card fees.  If you choose to pay by check or cash you get a 3% discount.

You do not have to pay all at once.  We have a monthly payment plan option.

If you choose the payment plan option you will have a payment at the time of sign up and at the first of the month through September.


This is A LOT of different payment options!
But you don't need to keep them straight or right them down;
when you sign up for Veggie Box  you are automatically guided through the different choices during check out.
Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions!