Veggie Box Pricing

Order a One Week Trial Box and you can see if the volume of weekly produce is a good fit for your household.  

How to order a trial box:

  1. Go to our online store
  1. Set up an account
  1. Order a Trial Box!  
  • Access to our members only private facebook group
  • A calendar year membership in the LVFarm Academy (a $64 dollar value)
  • A one week trial of Veggie Box, see if you like Veggie Box, if the pick ups work for your family and if you would like to be a member for the season.

After picking up your first trial box we'll send you an email with more information about joining us for the remainder of the season.  Pricing will reflect the remainder of the season for THAT WEEK and you WILL NOT pay for boxes that have been distributed already. 

A trial box is $30

When you order a trial box you also get:

We would love to have you join our veggie box subscirption this year.

When you pay in cash/check it comes out to be:
28.25/week for a full share
19.75/week for a partial share
Here is the nitty gritty of our pricing break down for the year:
20 week Veggie Box
Regular Price Pay check, cash, or money order by May 8th.
$410 Partial Box
$580 Full Box

Regular Price, Credit/Debit Card (with 3% credit card fees) sign up by May 8th.
$425 Partial Box
$595 Full Box

Want more info about Pre-order
& Curbside Pickups?

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