Veggie Box FAQs

Am I going to get a lot of weird veggies I don't know what to do with?

Every week we make it a goal to have a salad green, a braising green, a root crop, and a culinary herb in the CSA share.  

The rest of the veggies in the share reflect the changing season: peas and napa cabbage in spring, cabbage and summer squash in early summer, bell peppers, zucchini and eggplant in summer, tomatoes, and winter squash in the fall.

About every other week there will be one vegetable that you may have never tried before or maybe one that you have tried and didn't like.

Interestingly the unusual veggies are the ones we get the most positive feed back about! 

Over the course of the season we get a lot of positive feedback from our members about the 'unusual' produce in the box:

"Wow!  I never had salad turnips before - those are amazing!" 

"I've always wanted to try kohlrabi; it was so good"

“I wasn't so sure I would like mustard greens but they were so good and easy when I followed your recipe!”

"I've never liked eggplant before but this fresh eggplant is so good!"

Will I be overwhelmed with too much food?

There is an arc of productivity and your CSA share will reflect that. The shares start smaller in spring and grow as the bounty of summer and fall progress. In the spring you will have an average of 6 items a week and in the summer and fall you will have 8-12 different items.

The intention of the CSA is that it is the appropriate amount of fresh produce for your household to eat in a week.  It is not intended to be an amount for juicing, canning, freezing, or fermenting.  However, we do offer weekly and seasonal stock up specials to our members if you are interested in food preservation.

I'm not sure, should we get a partial share or a full share?
This is highly individualized and really depends on how many vegetables you eat, how much you go out to eat, if you go camping on the weekends, etc. A partial share may be just right for a single person or couple. In general a couple who goes out to eat a few times a week will find a partial share a good fit while a couple who eats every meal at home may want a full share.

We can easily envision a single person who loves cooking to go through a full share on her own.   Any family of two or more who eats most every meal at home will enjoy having a full share and will probably want to add on a standing order or special order each week.  Please feel free to give us a call or email to discuss which share will be the right fit for you.

This has less to do with how many people are in your household and much more to do with what is your lifestyle like and how many vegetables does your household eat in a week.

But...the only vegetables I really like are lettuce and a CSA share right for me?
If you  only like broccoli and salad, a CSA share may not be the right fit for you.  That said, we do have a wide range of high quality vegetables with easy to follow recipes. So, maybe you don't like chard, but have you ever had home-grown, fresh chard cooked just right?  

We think it's worth it to give a CSA a try for a year to see if you like it.

What are your refund and cancellation policies?

We are happy to cancel your subscription at any time.  You will be refunded the value of the remainder of the season's produce.

Still have questions?

Check out our member handbook.

Also, we know this may be an unfamiliar way of buying produce and we are very happy to talk to you about any questions you may have.  If you have more questions feel free to send us an email:
or call/text: 256-740-1911