(I know you know this...)

....You are part of this farm!

Welcome to Farm To Table Weekly where health is valued, community matters, and simple home cooking is replacing commodity foods.
Last week one of our kiddos specifically requested FROZEN PIZZA for his birthday dinner. He looked at me and said, “not homemade.” I laughed and said, “no problem!” Two minutes before the pizzas were done, I pulled one out and topped it with 4 cups of finely chopped basil and thick chunks of sliced heirloom tomato and cooked it an additional two minutes. That frozen pizza went from boring to crazy good in 120 seconds.
There is a bit of ‘food purity/food police’ in the local food movement right now. I hear it so much when talking to friends, family, and customers...so many folks feel guilty because they aren’t living up to an ideal they have about how they should live, how they should eat, how much they should do….
And I feel it too. I constantly feel like I should be doing more to get more local, organic, nutrient- dense food in, and cut out commodity foods. Also, like you, I have a budget and limited time.
I want to chime in with a magic wand and say, ‘you, my dear friends, are free from any and all food guilt.’ Whether your pizza comes from grains you grew yourself and mill at home and make into a sourdough crust before baking in a homemade wood-fired cob oven (this is an actual fantasy of mine)...or from the freezer aisle (this is more on pace with my life at the moment)...food guilt gets me nowhere.
Food. All food. All food is too precious for guilt.
You are part of this farm. You are an important part of this farm. You are doing the best with what you have where you are at. And you are doing great. We are living in a time where we are starting to connect the dots between soil health and human health and it is coming into our collective consciousness that we need to be intentional with our nutrition and our health. AND we are simultaneously living in a time where commodity foods are the norm; fast food, food on-the-go, processed foods...it takes so much time and intention and an amazing amount of mental band-width to make changes for your personal health.
That’s why I like to focus on making one small change at a time and treating all food...yes...even that Costco frozen pizza...with reverence and respect. Because all food is a gift and I am thankful for every bit of it. And when we can, we choose local, we choose organic, we choose nutrient-dense...and with time these are the changes that add up. Those changes, when fed by gratitude, become sustainable not just for the earth, but for our mental health as well.
I want you to have our​ Seven Small Changes E-book as a gift from us at LVFarm.  
We are grateful to Kalispell for choosing local organic farms!
Stunning Watermelon Radishes!
  • Recipe of the Week: Warm German Potato Salad
    (Adapted from fivehearthome.com)
    2 pounds small heirloom potatoes
    1 teaspoon salt, for boiling the potatoes
    12 ounces bacon
    1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
    3 tablespoons sugar
    1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    Freshly ground black pepper
    1 tablespoon minced fresh garlic, about 3 large cloves
    1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley
    1. Scrub the potatoes and cut any larger ones in half so that they are all similar in size. Place the potatoes in a large pan and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil and stir in 1 teaspoon of salt. Reduce heat and simmer until they are tender when stabbed with a fork. Drain the water, leaving the potatoes in the pan, and return the pan to the still-hot (but turned off) burner. Leave the lid off the pan to allow the potatoes to steam dry for a couple minutes. Slice potatoes ½-inch thick when cool enough to handle.
    2. Meanwhile, set another large pan over medium heat and, using kitchen shears, cut the bacon strips into approximately 1-inch pieces directly into the pan. Cook the bacon, stirring occasionally, until crispy. Remove the pan from the heat and remove the bacon pieces to a plate or bowl using a slotted spoon. Leave the bacon grease in the pan to cool slightly.
    3. Slowly and carefully add vinegar, sugar, Dijon, salt, and pepper to the bacon grease. Place the pan back on the burner, bring the mixture to a simmer, and stir for a couple of minutes. Stir the minced garlic into the mixture and cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute, until the garlic starts to turn a light golden. Remove the pan from the heat and toss in the sliced potatoes, gently mixing until they have absorbed all of the liquid. Carefully fold in the cooked bacon pieces and chopped parsley. Transfer the potato salad to a serving dish and serve hot or warm.

Wishing you a wonderful week,
Jay, Mandy, and the LVF Crew
P.S. We are hoping to sell out of potatoes by September; you can stock up via  Farmstand, & Market this week. ....move over potatoes...the squash are coming!