Better Than Lemon Juice

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Reminder! All CSA pick up are scheduled as normal for the week of the 4th of July with the exception of Thursday on Farm.
Tuesday, downtown kalispell 5-7 pm
Wednesday, mvfoods, 7-7
****Wednesday****on farm pickup 5-7 pm
Friday, Witheys, 9-6
Saturday, Kalispell Market, 9-12:30
Butter Lettuce - in a tunnel!

We all know the saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade….
...but making lemonade out of just lemons...well...that would just be lemon juice.  
I was thinking about this as I was removing the tiny hail damaged zucchinis off our zucchini plants this last Friday.  Taking the damaged fruits off the plants will help the plants recover faster (the first week of July is usually our first week for zucchini in the CSA boxes).

Mini Lettuces, in a tunnel!

Maybe I’ve just had too much sun lately but I was thinking...a late spring, 18 degrees the last week of April, a hail storm right after the zucchini and winter squash have set, I’m glad this isn’t our first year farming!  There’ve been a lot of ‘wrenches’ thrown into our normal systems this year. Luckily the farm is doing great! But it got me to thinking about the how, what, when, and why of the very heart of CSA farming. In our seven years farming we have always ‘met the value’ of the box each week.  Even with crazy weather that happens.

Sad Hail Damaged Chard

Your commitment to eating awesome fresh produce every week makes it possible for us to juggle all the variables that get thrown our way in farming.  It’s like...the weather may give us lemons...but our CSA members, the heart of our farm, are the sugar and water that makes lemonade.’s the end of a long hot day and I’m thinking about having a glass of the kid’s leftover lemonade from farmstand.  
Wishing you all a wonderful 4th of July week.

CSA Week 8
Partial shares get all the same veggies  in ½ - ¾ amounts.
  • Mini Lettuce-Remove the core from these beautiful mini lettuces and the tender leaves make the most beautiful delicate lettuce mix.  Top with green onions and shredded kohlrabi.
  • Butterhead-These butterhead were planted inside a tunnel alongside our peppers (peppers won’t be ready until late August!).  We are so excited they escaped hail damage to make the most beautiful wraps or addition to a sandwich or a classic 4th of July treat...a layered salad!
  • Green onions-wahoo!  Finally!  Green onions are back!  
  • Carrots with tops
  • Basil We hope you enjoy this, the first basil of the year!  We include basil either weekly or bi-weekly July through Mid-September.  Don’t store basil in your fridge. Most fridges are too cold and will turn your tender basil black.
  • Collard Greens-we’ll include our video for making collard wraps!  Just gently hold the collards in boiling water about 20 seconds, cut out the tough rib...and voila...wrap-o-rama.
  • Kohlrabi--Slice them up for a crunchy, cabbage-flavored snack, or shred them up with some carrots and a little vinegar for a refreshing summer slaw!
Layered Market Salad
By Dena Geiger, Kalispell, MT
Nurse Practitioner & Certified Nutritionist
Thank you for writing this recipe!
For the salad
-1 butter lettuce, leaves torn
-1/2 bundle of green onions, chopped
-1/2 c. kohlrabi, shredded or thinly sliced
Dressing 1
1/2 cup sour cream
1T - 1/4c sugar, to taste
Dressing 2
1/2 cup mayo
1T white wine vinegar
1t - 1T sugar, to taste
salt, to taste
On a large platter or wide bowl layer:
-green onions
-Mix dressing 1 and top on salad
-Mix dressing 2 and top on salad
-Top with cheese and bacon
-Cover with Saran wrap and store in fridge 4-24hours.
1 c. Parmesan, grated
6-8 slices bacon, crumbles