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"Comparison Is the Thief of Joy"  -Theodore Roosevelt

I'm trying not to compare the crops this week to what they have looked like this week the last six years.

I'm trying not to focus too much on our sales last year this week compared to what they will be this week...

All our crops survived the 'cold snap' last weekend.

But they will take a few weeks to catch up and recover.

Our Veggie Box harvest always comes first and we will be taking a very light harvest to market this May and may not have any produce for wholesale available this month at all.

But we will have veggies to start our weekly Veggie Box the week of May 13th!

Kitty likes the row cover.


We have never been more happy to see normal seasonal weather than we are seeing in the five-day forecast!

 As the sun started to go down Friday evening, it was the first time since early last fall that the sunset didn’t bring the cold following right behind it.

Our crew has been working so hard in the windy, windy, cold grey spring. And we’ve never seen plants growing more slowly than they did in April (and the first week of May!).

 But we are very happy that everything got through a night in the teens with double cover of agricultural fabric. We got a little crazy and even covered things like potatoes and garlic...but for a while they were saying 15 degrees and we thought, Why not cover everything?

Why not use all the cover we have?

All the row cover!  All the sandbags!  We made it through 18 degrees!

So we did!

It has been such a long, cold, grey winter and spring and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more ready to start piling our meals with fresh greens than I do this spring!


We’ll be at Kalispell Market this Saturday. And then (drum roll!) CSA starts the week of May 13th! Hope you have a great week!


 Jay and Mandy

Veggie Box starts the week of May 13th!

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