Missing local food? No worries...spring is really here!

Farm To Table Weekly
Monday April 8, 2019

Welcome to Farm To Table Weekly where health is valued, community matters, and simple home cooking is replacing commodity foods.

The calendar has SAID Spring for quite a while.
But this week it finally FELT like spring!

Here’s how farmers know when spring is really here:

When spring is really here it feels so good to have the sun on our skin that we forget to wear hats and get sunburn seeding in the prop house.

We can see the bare earth for the first time in five months....and we can also see the farm piles...exactly as we left them...last November…

When spring is really here, Nancy Beech, our Certified Organic Seed Potato farmer, drives our 800 pounds of seed potato from Hot Springs, Montana, and tells us her pastures are green at her place so we know it will be at our place in two weeks too.

We are reminded of why we take good care of our bodies all year long and are reminded just how much we need to eat when doing field work.

When spring is really here, the entryway is a muddy mess that gets mucked out every day, but it doesn’t really matter because at least the snow is gone.

We are reminded of the intense blessing of growing food for folks we know and the gratitude we have to our community.  We go to sleep early with stained hands and thankful hearts, looking forward to the season to come.

...when spring is really here I am so excited and READY for fresh spring produce.  
We are still a couple weeks out from the Very First fresh produce of the year.  

Happy Spring,

P.S.  Save the Date!
The very first Kalispell Farmers Market is Saturday May 4th 9-12:30 FVCC

Yes!  We will be there (we are there every week rain, shine, sleet or hail!) and YES!...we will have fresh produce.