Habits are the 'secret'

I often get asked about secrets…

Interestingly, these secrets have to do with weeds.

What’s my secret to getting rid of thistle?
What’s my secret to weed-free beds of baby greens?
What’s my secret to keeping quack grass out of the fields?  

The secret is...there is no secret.
Field of Lettuce from 2018

Of course, we have a protocol we’ve made for each different type of weed.  But in practice there isn’t a secret. It’s a ton of work in spring to prep the beds so we don’t run into big problems later in the season.

We spend tons of time in early spring weeding and getting ahead of the weeds.  It’s taken us years to figure out how to ‘get ahead and stay ahead’, and we learn more every year.

Teeny Tiny Weeds about to be killed with the flame weeder!

One thing we do is extensive use of flame-weeding teeny tiny weeds.

We flame weed with a backpack attached to a 5 gallon tank of propane and a custom-built torch that is the width of our 30-inch beds.  
Flame Weeder!

Thread-stage weeds are teeny-tiny; their taproot is the size of a thread.

In this photo I have a week-old dandelion that has sprouted from an established root and a thread-stage weed, a week old, after sprouting from a seed.
See the teeny tiny weed on the right?

The flame-weeder doesn’t kill large weeds, tiny weeds with large roots, perennial weeds, or grass.  

To get those out, we dig them out...and try to never let perennial weeds or grass go to seed.  

That may sound like way ‘too much work’.  But we are making a long-term investment and eventually will have very few weeds on the farm (that seems like a dream too good to be true this time of year!).

Right now with the unusually wet, cold, grey spring we have had, it feels like the only thing that is growing on the farm is weeds.  Luckily the crops are growing as well!

The first Kalispell Farmer's Market of the year is Saturday May 4th.
Our 20 week Veggie Box subscription starts in just three weeks (the week of May 13th is the first week this year!).

As a season of fresh local produce approaches what are your goals for the year for seasonal eating?

The best way to set yourself up for success is to identify habits that you can incorporate into your daily and weekly routine to set you up for seasonal eating success.

We have the Seven Changes For Seasonal Eating Success set to preview mode for this week only!

If you have half an hour this week grab a cup of coffee or tea and give it a read.

And I would love to know what YOUR goals are for the year for seasonal eating?
And what are the habits you will make to help you reach those goals?

Have a great week!