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Monday March 25th 2019

Hi guys,
There is always a frozen bag that looks like trash in my freezer.
It's called the "Broth Bag" and it's a 1 gallon freezer bag where I put veggie scraps from daily cooking.
Once a week I make 'bone broth'. It cooks for 24 hours and in the last 2 hours I pour in the contents (straight from the freezer) from my broth bag.
Strain...and voila!....broth.
Did I just loose our vegetarians at BONES and everyone else at the mention of 24 HOURS?
Hang in with me guys! I promise! Making mineral rich homemade broth is a trick worth having in your wheel house.
Did any of you grow up eating canned soup?
We often had a store brand of Chicken and Stars, and Tomato Soup in the pantry.
And broth? Broth came out of a waxed box on Thanksgiving and Christmas when it was time to make stuffing.
So making broth is something I learned to make as an adult :) and it's so amazing it's been a part of my weekly cooking routine ever since.
In the winter I love having broth for making soup a couple times a week.
In the spring and summer I use it to cook grains such as quinoa or rice for daily cooking.
The 40 weeks a year when I'm doing lots of field work I drink a small cup of broth before I go to bed and it helps me sleep.
My homemade broth tells my Central Nervous System (CNS), "Hey girl, I know we are doing a lot of field work, but we are going to take care of you."
I was reminded of this little trick last week when I woke up at 2 am with achey shoulders from flipping beds in the tunnels and remembered....
....oh yeah, it's time for bed time broth to re-enter my routine!
One of the things I love about the Lower Valley Farm Community is the wide range of eaters we have :).
From vegan
to paleo
to athletes counting their macros
to folks looking to eat five veggies a day
to foodies in search of flavor
to families hustling to get dinner on the table....
It could seem like we don't all have a lot in common.
But we do!
You have all had a life changing experience from eating fresh food and you want more of it.
This works out really well! Because this is what we want for you too! you...our diverse community of eaters...
Have you wanted to try broth but have never done it?
Do you have a freezer full of pig feet and knuckles and you make broth 24/7?
Are you a vegetarian who...obviously....doesn't eat bones!
Making a long and slow cooked broth at home is a great way to get collagen and amino acids AND the most minerals from broth is:
( Wait...does that article seem out of context and contradictory? It shares some research showing...bone broth is rich in Amino Acids and we can get more minerals in broth by adding vegetable scraps!)
Wherever you fall within our wonderful community of eaters, I've made a Cooking 101 Homemade Broth:
Want to grab the 101 guide?
I hope you find it helpful...
....full confession I want that freezer bag full of kitchen scraps to change your life.
That may be a 'big ask' for a bag of scraps but that's what happens when you combine the optimism of a farmer with this is the one trick I want everyone to know!
Happy Spring!
Your Farmer,
P.S. Foodies (You know who you are and I'm looking at YOU!) you want THE BOOK on broth?! This is the one! Broth and Stock From the Nourished Kitchen (I LOVE THIS BOOK for diving deep into all the possibilites of delicious nutrient dense homemade broth!!)