Farm To Table Weekly, All Things Onion

I’ve got a couple hundred pounds of carrots and onions stored behind my couch right now.  Dec.-March we use our walk-in cooler as a root cellar for our family. We took the remaining crops out and stored them between our couch and our kitchen...because now we need that walk-in cooler for getting seeds to sprout.

You’ve got to love the never ending number of uses we find for tools on the farm.

I have a fun goal of trying to have the freezer pretty empty of veggies when we start having fresh produce again the first week of May.  
And I was pretty well on track...until those boxes showed up behind the couch...
Every day I’m chopping about 3 lbs of onions freezing them on sheet pans (convenient weather for this job recently, right?) and storing them in 1 gallon bag and moving them into the freezer; just right for me to pull out for making tomato sauce in the coming months.

I didn’t know that either until last year when I learned that from one of our market customers.
Just put them in a freezer bag and they'll store in your freezer up to 3-6 months.

Since we’ve got plenty of cool nights in the forecast I’ll start putting together some tutorials for broth next week...because those onion skins aren’t going in the compost until i’ve run them through some broth!  More about that next week.

Wishing you a great week!


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