LVFarm Academy Goes Live Feb 1!

The LVFarm Academy!

The LVFarm Academy, an online resource of e-books, guides, and recipes goes live Feb. 1. Free to our CSA members, $7/month for access to a wealth of knowledge to make you a pro at seasonal eating.

Every year we have made huge upgrades to the farm; fencing, pack sheds, walk-in coolers, and high tunnels to name a few.

This year we are excited to 'build' the LVFarm Academy.

What all is included in the LVFarm Academy?

Recipe Archive

All crops we grow, organized by individual vegetable:
  • seasonal availability
  • inks to ~our favorite~ recipes on the internet 
  • general instructions about shelf life, storage, and prep
  • downloadable/printable source of our original LVFarm recipes

Seven Steps to Make Seasonal Eating Work For You, e-book

E-book written with the intention of making cooking accessible to home cooking.  

This brief book is chock-full of all the things I've been frustrated that you don't see in cook books

Making REAL FOOD takes time, it takes commitment, and with small steps it is attainable with an average of less than half an hour of cooking a day for a whole family.

A-Z Vegetable Guide

A beautiful collection of each of the 50 crops we grow  each page includes:

Deep Storage
Crop Availability

Available to download as a complete collection, as individual pages, or to reference anytime online.

CSA Beginner's Guide

A series of online 'courses' in the form of e-books and articles walking you through step by step of becoming a CSA "pro" your first year of CSA.

Courses include:

What to expect in your box each week; CSA harvest calendar.

What to expect at your CSA pickup site.

Keeping Awesome Produce Awesome: Guide to storing produce after CSA pickup.

How to change your pick-up site.

How to schedule a vacation hold.

Sheet Pan Meal, E-book

Everything you need to get started cooking dinner on one convenient "sheet pan" a great go-to for seasonal, nutrient dense, week night meals.  

101 'Cheat Sheets'

Downloadable reference sheets to how to:

Roast Vegetables 101

Cooking Bitter Greens 101

Pesto 101

Salad Dressing 101

Anything Goes Soup 101

Grilled Vegetables 101

We are so excited to offer all of these recipes, courses, e-books, and tutorials...and this is just the beginning!  We will be adding new content every week of the year!