2018 CSA Week 3

Happy Memorial Day CSA Families!

We continue to be amazed by the productivity of our fields this spring; and with all the sun, warm weather, and rain...oh man...there will be a lot more good veggies coming in!

We spent a lot of time this winter thinking about what is a CSA, what is our CSA, what direction do we want our CSA to go.

Nationwide CSA memberships are on a decline. There are a lot of theories out there about why this is the case. Is it the Blue Apron/Hello Fresh model having an impact? Is it just ‘too weird’ of a way to buy produce? Is it just not how consumers are interested in purchasing produce? These are all theories and … guys … I have no idea why CSAs are trending down. We are happy that ours is growing (thanks!)

And as we have chewed over the question of ‘what is Lower Valley Farm’s CSA?’ I keep coming back to, yes, it is wonderful produce, yes, it is a really good value, yes it is reduced amount of packaging and product waste, yes it is reduced use of petroleum, yes it is all kinds of awesome for building a resilient local food community. CSA is all of these things AND it is the experience of the bounty of each season.

CSA allows you to truly experience what grows in our climate with abundance in each season.

Right now you are experiencing the bounty of spring in Montana and the quantity of lush greens we are pumping out weekly right now from the farm are staggering. You’ll get used to big bowls of salad and getting creative with all the leafy greens. You may even feel yourself getting tired of eating some of these things! Eating seasonally brings an intentionality to cooking; we prep food differently in the spring when we have SO MANY LEAFY THINGS than we do in the summer when there is so much cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes. Meals change again in the fall with the return of abundant leafy greens and the beautiful rainbow of colors of roots and storage crops.

Truly, what a blessing it is to get this box each week that so closely reflects the seasons.

Being a member of CSA is more than just a box of veggies. If this is your first year eating seasonally, it gets more and more enjoyable as the years pass and we are so happy to have you with us this season. For those of you coming back, I know you are savoring these greens knowing this bounty is so quick, so temporary, and brings so much joy to the table.

This week we have:

Kale -either Toscano or Curly, Radishes, Tatsoi or Baby Bok Choi, Dill, Purple Green Onions, Lettuce Mix (wahoo!), Super Greens, and Spinach.

Partial shares in 1/2- ¾ amount.

Super Greens- This is a delightful mix of baby asian greens, mustards, and baby kales. We love the flavor of this mix. If it’s too strong for you chop it up and saute it. I like it paired with a creamy dressing and sardines for a quick nutrient dense lunch.

Green Onions- Aren’t these just the most beautiful purple green onions you have ever seen.

Radishes- this week’s radishes weren’t quite covered all the way with the row cover we use to keep bugs out. A bit bug eaten...and still delicious to saute and eat. I know this is three weeks in a row of radishes. We have our first salad turnips coming on and should have them in the shares next week. We love radishes raw and I also like them finely chopped and sauted and added to just about anything. Last week I made a grilled cheese with sauted radishes, sauted radish tops cooked together with the melted cheese. Try cooking those radishes:


Martha’s Spinach Dill Pie looks super tasty!


Another comfort food type way to enjoy the wonderful flavor of dill and spinach together is with a creamed spinach with dill like this one from Kitchn:


Our kiddos really love kale chips I love this idea of the “Everything Bagel Kale Chip”


And always a hit is a creamy curry like this chickpea and Tatsoi Curry from Dishing Up The Dirt


Have a fantastic week!