How to sign up for a CSA share

If you'd like to sign up for a CSA share, we've made a step by step guide.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.
Thanks! Begin by navigating to:

Choose a Share

This page is the gateway to your member account. Select a partial share or full share and click “Submit and Continue.”

Pickup Site

The next step is to choose a primary pickup site. This will be the site you will usually pick up at. You have 5 choices this year! Woot! You can choose:

  • Tuesdays in Kalispell 5-6:30PM at a friendly residence on the corner of 5th St. and 3rd Ave. East.
  • Wednesdays at Mountain Valley Foods. Pickup begins at the open of business at 7 AM.
  • Thursdays on the Farm (1375 N. Somers Rd) from 5-6:30PM.
  • Fridays at CrossFit Flathead (1896 Airport Rd.) from 6-9AM
  • Saturdays at the Kalispell Farmers Market (FVCC parking lot) from 9AM - Noon.

Choose a pickup site and click “Submit and Continue”

Signup Information

You’ll be directed to a standard signup page. Please fill out the red starred boxes. Pay special attention to the email box. Make sure you put an email in that you will check regularly. This is how we communicate with members. Any changes, updates, newsletters, or other communication will come through email. If you’re sharing your share with another family, this is where you add their information. Please select, “Add User” and fill in their info. When you’re all done, click “Submit and Continue.” Member Agreement

You’ll be taken to the “Member Agreement.” You can read the full text of the member agreement in section 3 below. Please read this and click “I understand and agree.” Click “Submit and Continue.”


This is where you’ll pay for your share. **Early Bird pricing is for sign-ups paid in full by March 15 only.** You have the following options:
  • Pay in full by sending us a check in the mail
  • If you'd like to send us a check, please select "Pay by check" Then hit the blue box that says "Email me an invoice."
    An email with your invoice will be automatically sent to the email you submitted during the signup part of signing up. You'll be taken to a screen that shows you our address and asks you to please send us a check for the full amount. You may log out or just close your browser. You're done with the on-line part of the sign up.

  • If you'd like to pay with a credit or debit card via PayPal
  • **Note, a %3 fee will be added to your bill if you pay with PayPal
    Click on the PayPal link.
    You will be taken to a PayPal credit card processing page where you can enter your credit/debit card information. Please fill out all the information, and select "Continue." Once this process is complete, your CSA signup is complete, and you can log out or close your browser.
  • If you'd like to pay with a monthly recurring payment
  • **New this year**
    We are offering a monthly payment plan for members who wish to have an automatic withdrawal from their bank account each month for the entire year.
    For this option, when you get to the checkout page, you must click the blue button that says "Email Me An Invoice" under the Pay By Check option. Follow the same instructions as above, but then please follow up with us by sending us an email asking for this option. We'll send you instructions for securely signing using your credit/debit card.

Thank you so much for supporting our farm and choosing amazing local veggies! ~Jay & Mandy