2017 Week 19 CSA

~~Your items that you do not need to keep in your fridge this week are: red onions, garlic, and delicata squash~~

After much thought and discussion Jay and I have decided to try something new (to us) this year and do a double value box for the last week of CSA. We know how much you all love storage crops including the garlic, onions, shallots, and winter squash. We have enough of these this year to save you all a trip of picking up your CSA box the last two weeks and combine the last two boxes into one!

CSA week 19

Beets - partial bundle
Basil - partial bundle
Zucchini - 1
Cucumbers - 2
Arugula - partial bag
Delicata Squash - medium
Garlic - 1
Red Onions - 2
Eggplant - 2 small or 1 medium

Beets - bundle 
Basil - bundle 
Zucchini - 1-2
Cucumbers - 2-3
Arugula - bag 
Delicata Squash - large
Garlic - 2
Red Onions - 3
Eggplant -1 large or 2 medium 

After it being so warm for so long we are really looking forward to turning on the oven and doing some baking this week. One of our absolute favorite fall foods is delicata squash dipped in homemade garlic mayo.

Roasted Delicata Chips With Spicy Mayo
Cut your delicata squash in half lengthwise, scoop the goop, and cut into 3/8 inch ‘half moons’ and bake at 350 until crispy (depends how thick you cut them and how much moisture is in the squash) about 25-35 minutes. When lightly brown and crispy, remove from oven.

Garlic Mayo- we love making mayo but if you don’t have time to make homemade mayo you can use your favorite mayo brand and add garlic to it by; mincing garlic in a blender or food processor, add a bit of lemon juice and one cup mayo. Want an extra spicy kick? Add some Sriracha sauce or Tobasco sauce. Delicata chips dipped in garlic mayo is just about the best thing ever.

I’m looking forward to having arugula and cucumbers this week but I’m also looking forward to roasting some beets and making an eggplant casserole with a healthy amount of cheese.

We’ll also be making some pesto to eat with all our roasted vegetables this week.

We are so surprised that the basil, eggplant, cucs, and zucs are still producing prolifically enough to feed 100 families this week! Wow! What a summer it has been.
If you want any extra storage veggies next week just let us know!

Storage Crops Orders for Week of September 25th
Name ____________
Phone Number____________ Do you Text at the Number? Y / N
CSA Pick-Up Site _____________________

Storage Onions-shelf life 3 months at room temperature in a well ventilated storage area
Red Onions ______ pounds Yellow Onions__________pounds

Shallots-shelf life 3 months at room temperature in a well ventilated storage area
Shallots ______ pounds

Garlic-other than the garlic going in CSA we are not selling any garlic this year. This is the most beautiful garlic we have ever seen and we are keeping it to plant and have much more garlic next year (each clove gets planted and becomes a head for next year).

Winter Squash-if storing in a garage or basement put a piece of cardboard on concrete. Store in a place that doesn’t freeze. Freezing will ruin your squash. An attached garage or cool basement is usually a great storage space.

Acorn Squash-unfortunately we will not have enough for sales this year. BUT! We will have acorn squash in the shares for week 20/21. (Apparently voles really like to eat acorn squash)

Buttercup-$1.49/# stores up to 3 months. This has become our favorite winter squash; it is versatile and good either sweet or savory.
weigh ~2# each ______ each

Delicata stores 2 months $1.89/#
weigh ~1.5-2# each ______ each

Spahgetti Squash $1.29/#
stores 2 months
weigh ~3# each ______ each

Red Kuri $1.19/#
stores up to 6 months. This beautiful thick skinned squash will keep the longest of all our storage squash. We love it’s texture in soups, stews, and curries.
Weigh 4-8# each _____ each

Pie Pumpkin $1.29/#
stores up to 4 moths.
Weigh 2.5-5# each ______ each

Green Tomatoes $1/# _______ pounds

Happy Autumn!