2017 CSA Weeks 20/21

~~Your items that you do not need to keep in your fridge this week are: winter squash (acorn, Red Kuri, Buttercup), garlic, shallots, yellow onions ~~~


CSA week 20/21

Yellow Onions - 1.5#
Shallots - 1#
Garlic - 3/4#
Buttercup Squash - 1
Red Kuri Squash - 1
Acorn Squash - 1
Lettuce Mix - partial bag
Carrots - partial bundle
Hakuri Turips - partial bundle
Rainbow Chard - partial bundle
Cilantro - partial bundle

Yellow Onions - 2#
Shallots - 1.5# 
Garlic - 1# 
Buttercup Squash - 1 large
Red Kuri Squash - 1 large 
Acorn Squash - 1 large
Lettuce Mix - bag 
Carrots - bundle 
Hakuri Turips - bundle 
Rainbow Chard - bundle 
Cilantro - bundle

I like to hold off on cooking with pumpkin until after the fall equinox. This year to celebrate the beginning of fall we had our first baked pumpkin of the year and enjoyed yummy pumpkin pancakes.

Having a time and season for everything does bring an appreciation to the things you love. Whether that is the first fresh salad of the season, the two weeks a year of fresh garlic scapes, the first hill of new potatoes, or the winter squash that is the gift that just keeps on giving through fall and winter.

We have been so happy to have each and every one of your families join us this year for seasonal, bountiful, fresh produce.

We love this time of year and are sad to say goodbye to what’s been such a ~wonderful~ CSA season.

As the season starts to taper down we no longer have the quantities available to fill CSA boxes every week; our season shifts from harvesting three days a week to one, and having four days a week to get all our end of season field work done.

We’ll be busy topping our garden beds with compost, planting cover crops to protect the soil over the long winter. We also switch gears mid October and start getting all our infrastructure and maintenance projects done for the year.

If you are missing our veggies after the end of CSA season you can find us at:

*Farmstand on Thursdays from 5-6 pm through October

*Kalispell Farmers market FVCC through October 14; 9 am -12:30am
rain, shine, sleet, hail, or blizzard we’ll be there!

*Kalispell Farmers market Indoor Market
Fairground Expo building Saturday Oct 21; 9am - 3pm
We also have baby greens, micro greens, and a few other items available at both Mountain Valley Foods and Natural Grocers.

Now! What to cook with your final precious box of CSA vegetables?

I know winter squash can be intimidating to cook with if it’s not a normal part of your cooking routine.
This is a good intro to how to cook winter squash:

It’s difficult to grow butternut squash in our climate and we’ve found both Red Kuri and Buttercup squash make a great substitute for the classic butternut squash soup.

If you are wanting to make a casserole this week the red kuri squash would pair beautifully with your rainbow chard to make this warming casserole:

Look at this AWESOME list of winter squash recipes:

So many delicious recipes to choose from! I love this collection because it really shows off what a versatile food winter squash is; great in casseroles, curries, soups, and stews. Delicious baked into fall muffins and breads.

Mmmmm….muffins and breads….
Something about the shifting of the seasons always makes us ready to turn on the oven.
Here is a Delicious pumpkin bar recipe for using you pie pumpkin!

or if your feeling like turning your humble pumpkin into something super fancy and delicious:

We are so thankful to have you as part of our 2017 CSA community! We look forward to seeing you again in the spring. Take care and be well!

~ Kindly, Jay and Mandy, and the Lower Valley Farm crew.