2017 CSA Week 18

~~We are experimenting with having everything in the box for pickup. Your items that you do not need to keep in your fridge this week are; tomatoes, onions, shallots, and spaghetti squash~~

Radish - partial bundle
Parsley - partial bundle
Carrots - partial bundle
Zucchini/patty pan - 1
Cucumbers - 2
Kohlrabi - 2 each
Lettuce Mix - partial bag
Tomato Medley -  ~pint
Spahgetti Squash - medium
Green Bells - 1
Sweet Onions - 2
Shallots - 1

Radish - bundle 
Parsley - bundle 
Carrots - bundle 
Zucchini/patty pan - 1-2 
Cucumbers - 2-3 
Kohlrabi - 3 each 
Lettuce Mix - bag 
Tomato Medley - ~quart 
Spahgetti Squash - large 
Green Bells - 2 
Sweet Onions - 3 
Shallots - 2 

New this week we are including shallots in the shares for the first time this year. These are fully cured and shelf stable. You store them just like storage onions; in your pantry or on the kitchen counter. Our shallots are really large. Is that from the day length here? Is it the soil fertility? Is it our sheer love of alliums making them grow so large? We don’t know. What we do know is that you can use about 1 shallot for 1 onion in any recipe.

Shallots have a mild distinctive flavor with less ‘bite’ than onions and yet also a bit garlicky. They are delicious and we hope you enjoy them!

Spaghetti Squash with Shallots and Parsley

Yes this recipe calls for garlic and yes you will be getting garlic in your csa box next week. This week you can substitute in some shallots.

Easy Peasy Bell Pepper/Zucchini/Radish top Egg Bake
Remember the egg bake idea from last week? This week you can use your radish tops!
In a large heavy bottomed pan heat generous amount of oil or butter (Choose butter!).
Thinly chop bell peppers, zucchini, and 1/2-2 red long onions depending on your preference of onioniness. While this is sauteing, thoroughly chop your golden beet tops. (Yes, all of them! They will cook down significantly) add beet tops and cook at a high heat until greens reduce.
While greens reduce mix up 12-24 eggs and some milk or cream pour egg mixture into a buttered casserole, add veggies (also good with pork sausage!) (and also good topped with cheese!)

Pour this into a pie crust (s) for a quiche! Or keep it simple for an eggbake/frittata.

Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes

Bacon Tomato Pasta

You could make this just like the recipe suggests (with pasta) or you could serve it on top of your spaghetti squash.

Or how about a yummy way to use some tomatoes and cucumbers at the same time? With this Cucumber Tahini Salad

We like growing kohlrabi both in the spring and again in the fall. Though with this year’s heat we now think we could grow it all season long. Our family’s favorite thing to do with kohlrabi is peel, cut in half, and thinly slice. We keep it in a lidded Pyrex dish in the fridge and serve it cold with lunch and dinner. It is also good sliced or diced and sauteed or shredded and used half and half with potatoes for kohlrabi/potato hash browns.

Have a great week!