2017 CSA Week 16

 ~~This week will be your fifth week for having non-refrigerated items in your CSA. We will have these set out separate from your box at CSA pickup with a clearly marked sign. “Take One Bag of Tomatoes and One bag of Potatoes”. Don’t forget your Potatoes and Tomatoes! ~~~

It seems every week we start the newsletter with a brief summary of the weather :) . Last week we were Very Excited to have about 3/8 an inch of rain come down slow and steady all morning on Thursday. No Wind! No Lightning! Just RAIN! We are so thankful for the rain! We are REALLY surprised to see 90 degrees in the forecast for multiple days in the coming week. AND we are pleasantly surprised not to see anything close to a frost in the two week forecast. September is when we look at the weather multiple times a day often hitting ‘refresh’ to see if it’s changed in the last few seconds.

Last week Jay and crew made significant progress on the new hoop house. Our goal is to have it up and ready to seed by September 1st. Because we are crazy and we have wonderful help, this goal may actually happen.

And now, on to ideas for your share this week:

Braising Mix- This is a mix of kale, mustard, and Asian Greens that is great to stir fry, or saute. I also love this mix sauteed and added to any egg dish (I know, I know, the ‘egg dish’ is a theme in the newsletter)

Baby Romaine- Awe! Aren’t they Cute? We love these Baby Romaine and we usually just cut off the bottom end, wash the leaves, and have them at the ready in a square Pyrex dish in the fridge as a go-to with lunch and dinner. Great with tuna salad, sardines, potato salad. For stacking on sandwiches or using in place of bread/cracker with any type of dip. The kids are a big fan of these little lettuces.

Fingerling Potatoes-It’s fun to get to try out all these different kind of potatoes isn’t it? This week we have a fingerling variety called “Russian Banana” You might be wondering what exactly are fingerling potatoes? They are a fully mature potato that is small, kind of like the shape of a finger, hence the name. We love these potatoes roasted with butter and onions. DELICIOUS!

Sweet Corn- I know you all know how to cook sweet corn. If you’ve never tried grilling it, you are in for a surprise! It is amazing. Although a bit fussy...well...more fussy than eating plain corn and throwing the cob on the ground, which, in reality...is pretty much what we do...BUT! Follow these directions for something more amazing:

and if you want to take it to Level Up to the land of magic corn:
I think the onions, zucchini, and bell peppers could all work wonderfully together as the start to a simple stir fry or ratatouille

* Spoiler *watching the movie Ratatouille and making Ratatouille on the same night is fun but doesn’t guarantee fussy six-year-olds will eat vegetable stew….

Cucumbers-Would you believe our family can easily eat 8 cucumbers a day? That seems like a lot doesn’t it? It just happens to be something all our kids like. We peel them and thinly slice them and keep them in a lidded glass Pyrex bowl in the fridge as a daily go-to veggie for lunch and dinner.

Baby Kale- We like to just barely wilt this baby kale in the skillet and then mix it in a bowl with a creamy dressing and roasted beets. SO DELICIOUS! it’s also great as a raw salad and makes a very very delicate kale chip.

HEIRLOOM TOMAOTES-thinly slice, add salt...enjoy the taste of summer. Or eat them on the way from csa pickup and get tomatoes all over your shirt and car...it’s worth it! They are that good!
And there is no need to do anything fancy with them...they are delicious! That said...roasting them is amazing and brings out a whole different flavor. And the little mini slicers are great cut in half and roasted as well.

I would make the above recipe with walnuts or sunflower seeds instead of pinenuts because...$$$.

And...if there is any doubt that Martha is a great genius of our time look no further than...Inverted Tomato Grilled Cheese, standing ovation and an Alleluia chorus:

Baby Romaine - ~3
Basil - partial bundle
Beets - partial bundle
Zucchini/patty pan - 1-2
Cucumbers - 1
Sweet Corn - 2
Baby Kale - partial bag
Tomato Medley -t ~pint
Fingerling Potatoes - 1#
Green Bells - 1
Fresh Onions - 2-3
Braising Greens - partial bundle

Baby Romaine ~5
Basil - bundle
Beets - bundle
Zucchini/patty pan - 2-3 
Cucumbers - 1-2 
Sweet Corn - 3 
Baby Kale -bag
Tomato Medley ~quart 
Fingerling Potatoes -1.5 #

Green Bells - 2 
Fresh Onions - 3-4
Braising Greens - bundle

For those of you who get your newsletter from this blog, here's a little gem from the week that didn't fit in the official version.  Levi left our crew for the fairer shores of Alaska.  His incredible work ethic and wit will be missed, though he left us with the following gift.  These are but two of the many white buckets he renamed.  Thanks Levi!