2016 CSA Week 20

Super Greens - 6 oz 
leeks - partial bundle 
golden beets - partial bundle
carrots - partial bundle 
butterhead lettuce - 1 
**buttercup squash - 1 small 
**delicata - 1 small 
**glacier tomatoes - ¾ pint 
**shallots - 2 
**garlic - 1 large 

Super Greens - 8 oz
leeks - bundle
golden beets - bundle
carrots - bundle
butterhead - 1
**buttercup squash - 1 large
**delicata - 1
**glacier tomatoes - 1 pint
**shallots - 3
**garlic - 1 super large

Have you seen the forecast for this coming week? WOW! What an amazingly mild September we have had. We don't know if we're able to work quicker in this warm weather or if we are starting to work more efficiently now that we know (a little bit more) what we are doing, but we are really getting the end of the season done in a more timely manner then previous years. VERY exciting! The only two things left to plant for the year are the overwintered spinach (going in Monday) and the Garlic (second week of October). We have the beds amended with compost and ready to plant.

Over wintered spinach beds amended with compost, heavily watered, and covered with plastic for two weeks allowing weeds to germinate and be flame-weeded before the crop is planted.

From a bunch of experimenting in the last three years, we feel like every hour spent in the fall prepping beds saves at least 100 hours in the spring. That may be over exaggerating a bit...but it does feel nice to have our fall planting dialed in!

Despite feeling really good about the work getting done around the farm there are a few fall tasks that do seem a bit never-ending and tedious. Perhaps the greatest of which as broad-forking the beds as they come out of production at the end of the season. We'll try to get a video of that online. We are also really happy with the cover crops that are established and protecting the soil overwinter where our winter squash, potatoes, and corn will be next year. Cover crops are used extensively in organic farming to add nutrients back to the soil and protect the soil between cash crops.

This is quickly becoming my most favorite squash to work with. A really big one is big enough for making a large soup or casserole but not too big to have to freeze some of; perfect for a hungry family!
I cut it in half and roast in the oven until the shell is soft to the touch or until the house smells like squash.
Scoop out the yummy orange squash and eat with butter and maple syrup for breakfast. Mix into a soup or curry, add to a casserole, the possibilities are endless when it comes to squash!

Super Greens-
We are just loving these as a salad green! They are flavorful without being overpoweringly bitter. Perfect paired with a creamy dressing. Speaking of paired...it is pear season...sorry for the pun it's my bad pun time of year. Some toasted walnuts and pear on top of a bitter green salad with creamy dressing is DELICIOUS. I'm also loving these greens just ever so slightly chopped and sauteed and added to a stir fry or to the 'ole morning eggs and potatoes.

I imagine you all are pretty tired of hearing 'eat your beet greens' by now. But seriously, these are the most gorgeous beets tops, and the cool fall nights have just sweetened them up to maximum braising green amazingness.

It's really starting to feel like the end of the harvest season at the farm! Can you believe next week will be the first week of OCTOBER?! And it will also be the last week of CSA.

Coming Next week: THE LAST WEEK! It looks like next week we'll have carrots, winter 'watermelon' radishes, pink salad turnips, butter lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, delicata squash, acorn squash, garlic, onions, and leeks.