2016 CSA Week 18

Partial Share 
fall carrots - partial bundle
radishes - partial bundle 
chard -      partial bundle 
Baby Butter Lettuce - 2 heads 
Green Beans - 1 pound
Sweet Corn - 3
**Shallots - 2
**Garlic - med 
**Tomatoes - ¾ pint glacier

Full Share
fall carrots - bundle
radishes - bundle
chard - bundle
Baby Butter Lettuce -s 3 heads
Green Beans - 1.5 pound
Sweet Corn- 4
**Shallots - 3
**Garlic - large
**Tomatoes - 1 pint glacier

**these items are non-refrigerated and will be labeled at CSA pickup for partial and full. You have THREE separate things to add to your boxed share this week; tomatoes, shallots and garlic.

Guys! I can't believe how long the spinach is taking to grow...why is it growing SO SLOWLY?! Also, our fall herbs have fallen victim to too many weeds and we made the executive decision to flail mow the whole mess and do better next year.

So, if the basil gets taken out by a frost this week (we'll cover it...but basil is sooooo frost sensitive). Then we might be out of herbs for the year. More herbs is near the top of my list for Things To Improve in 2017.

We are just around the corner from our first frost. Which, we are ready for this year. But it will still be a big day getting ready and making sure everything is covered that we want to be covered and everything is harvested that we want to be harvested. Well...maybe next year we will get everything harvested that we want in before the first frost. We won't get to everything tomorrow, but we're feeling pretty darn good about it.

The cold weather has caused the cucumbers and summer squash to really slow down and we don't have enough to include in the csa boxes this week. We do have enough for orders and let us know if you want a few; this is most likely the last week for both.

Those fall carrots!
Guys, for real, these carrots are what vegetable farmers dream of when they dream of perfect carrots. They are the best carrots we have grown so far, and we finally have got the seeding and weeding figured out so that we actually enjoy growing them now as much as we enjoy eating them. (they are SO good!)
and since our parsley met a cruel death with the flail mower...if you want to try your hand at carrot top pesto, the tops are best when they are best from young carrots like these.
Carrot Top Pesto
Toast in a skillet until brown and dice in a blender or food processor: ¼ cup almonds
use the tops from one bundle of carrots, chop a bit and add to blender/food processor
add a minced clove of garlic and some lemon juice
add olive oil to desired oil-y-ness
add salt and parmasean cheese.

Guess what I made with some carrot top pesto? I put it on boiled green beans. Boom! Not just for pasta. And..it was good!

Butter-head lettuce will make a nice salad paired with those red radishes. They also make my most favorite wrap for 'taco night'. Ground beef with cumin and garlic, blended tomatoes, all cooked together paired with a bowl of good sharp cheddar, some sliced shallots, and wrap it all up in those beautiful leaves of lettuce.

The chard is excellent sauteed and don't forget you can use it interchangeably in any recipe where you would use cooked spinach. (And surely...we will have spinach soon?!)

Next week we will start the winter squash parade; red kuri, buttercup, delicata, spahgetti squash, pie pumpkins coming your way...it was maybe not a warm enough year for butternut...time will tell!

Have a great week! ~J&M