2016 CSA Week 15

Partial Share 
Hakuri Turnips - Partial Bundle 
Cucumbers -1 american slicer 
                   - 1 silver slicer 
Leeks -partial bundle 
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash -3
Basil -1.5 oz
Bell Peppers -1
Green Beans -a few 
Red Cabbage -½ large or 1 sm 
**Fingerling Potatoes ~1# 
**Tomatoes -Glacier or Sungolds 

Full Share
Hakuri Turnips - Bundle
Cucumbers - Asian or Armenian Slicer
                    - 3-4 lemon
Leeks - bundle
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash - 4
Basil - 2 oz
Bell Peppers - 2
Green Beans - a few more
Red Cabbage - 1 med
**Fingerling Potatoes ~ 1.5#
**Tomatoes - Heirlooms

**these items are non-refrigerated and will be labeled at CSA pickup for partial and full you have TWO separate things to add to your boxed share this week; tomatoes and potatoes

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Things continue to be growing like crazy around here. We had a minor wind storm last week and looks like another one is coming next week, but hopefully the next one will be pretty minimal. The bugs are out with a vengeance right now dutifully attempting to annihilate every vegetable around. They got our summer kale...so luckily we've got a succession planting of fall kale that is covered under insect netting that we will be able to start harvesting soon to keep those braising greens coming. You'll see the turnip greens this week look like they’ve been shot with the tiniest bb gun; that's some pest damage but not too bad. Those were covered and escaped the late summer bug invasion. It looks like the weather is going to shift to highs in the mid 70s this week and we are excited about that; the fall crops we are busy planting over the last month will really love the change...and we will too!

We have so much summer bounty right now we decided to keep the share boxes at a reasonable amount by not including lettuce mix this week. Lettuce mix will be back next week we just wanted room to include more of the kings and queens of summer while our short summer season lasts.

And speaking of the queens of summer, we will start cycling the heirloom tomatoes and sungold tomatoes through the shares each week. We don't have enough of either to include them in all the shares in a single week so we are keeping track and will try to get them in everyone's share 2-3 times over the course of the summer. Our main season tomato this year is 'Glacier,” a little gem of a mini-slicer. We'll distribute as many Sungolds and heirlooms as we can, and fill in with Glaciers, but we are making sure to 'take turns' between T/Th pickups and full partial to make sure everyone gets some of each.

Recipe Ideas for the week
Turnip Greens
finely chop your turnip greens. Heat up some fat in a pan add onions or garlic and saute until translucent. Add turnip greens and saute 3-4 minutes add some vinegar and saute another minute. Enjoy these mixed with eggs, in an omlet, or as a side dish.
Purple Cabbage
this is a beautiful cabbage for making a coleslaw! YUM! Or for slicing into thin wedges and grilling!
Green beans
Okay I know everyone knows how to cook green beans, boil them and serve with butter and salt (YUM!). I love them that way but my absolute favorite way to cook geen beans is to stir fry them with sesame oil, garlic, and Sriracha sauce. Spicy beans!

Next week—lettuce mix, red beets and more summer goodness (tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, a more sizable amount of green beans!) Wahoo!