2016 CSA Week 14

Partial Share 
Golden Beets - Partial Bundle 
Cucumbers - 1 slicer (American or sliver) 
                    - 2 Lemon cucumber 
Lolla de Rosa” Red Long onion -partial bundle 
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash - 3
Red Head Lettuce - 1
Lettuce Mix - Partial Bag 
**Blue Potatoes  ~1.5# 
**Tomatoes, mini slicer -  Partial Bag 
**Garlic - Medium 

Full Share
Golden Beets - Bundle
Cucumbers  2 silver or one Asian
                     - 1-2 American Slicer
Lolla de Rosa” Red Long onion - bundle
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash - 4
Red Head Lettuce - 1
Lettuce Mix - Bag
**Blue Potatoes - ~2#
**Tomatoes, mini slicer - Bag
**Garlic - Large

**these items are non-refrigerated and will be clearly labeled at CSA pickup for partial and full you have THREE separate things to add to your boxed share this week; tomatoes, potatoes, and one garlic**

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Wow! How about that rain last week? ¾ of an inch of slow and steady beautiful rain with no wind or hail?! We'll take it! AND...if it's on the date we were planning on setting out a bunch of fall transplants; all the better! Perfect transplanting weather. Although, yes, more than a little bit miserable to be out there not moving too fast in the rain and mud. We are using a new transplanting system this year and we love it! The “Stand N Plant” planter is just about the best $100 tool I can imagine. It doesn't work for all transplants but it works for many and we are happy to have it!

Recipe Ideas for the week
Golden Beets
Roast some golden beets and keep them cold in the fridge for a nice golden beet cold salad.
Remember! Gold beet greens are the most delicious greens EVER! So, chop them up real small. Saute one of those gorgeous red long onions, add beet greens, reduce and cook about 3 minutes, add a splash of vinegar and salt and eat as a side dish or with eggs, or on top of...anything…
Seems like a cold salad kind of week, don't you think? We love peeling a bunch of cucumbers and having them cut up in a lidded bowl in the fridge for an easy veggie to sit out and lunch and dinner (It's one of the two vegetables all three of the kids like…). Last year we got a bit of feedback “MORE CUCUMBERS! IN CSA!” We listened! And planted twice as many cucumbers. Also! We've invested the time in actually pruning them this year and !wow! That sure makes them more prolific! Exciting! We will be cycling back and forth between varieties each week for partial and full shares. We peel all the cucs but it's really just a personal preference; lots of vitamins and fiber in the peels, but if it means fussy eaters won't eat them, I don't mind peeling them.
Purple? Potatoes!
Yup, they are purple! We love this intensely dark blue heirloom potato. My go-to is to roast them but they are great baked, twice baked, mashed, boiled, oven fries, pan fried, hash browns; however you like to cook your potatoes! Fresh potatoes are just to amazingly good.
Patty Pan Squash and Zucchini
Patty Pan and Zucchini can be used interchangeably. Each year I use patty pan and zucchini more and more. They are such a versatile vegetable. We put them in our weekly egg/veggie breakfast bake, grill them, and saute them with stir fries, and cook them in curries. With sweet onions zucchini and patty pan make the perfect pair on a grill basket and are so good topped on sandwiches, burgers, and pizza. There are all kinds of recipes on the internet using zucchini instead of noodles in casseroles; I've had these zucchini noodles and LOVE them! They just haven't become a part of my summer cooking routine yet. But I see Oodles of Zoodles in the future! The amount of zucchini you get in your share each week should be enough for one stir fry, curry, or grilled dinner.
Red Leaf Lettuce
We've really worked on getting our baby green game dialed in this year (oh-my-goodness-it'
s-working-it's-finally-working!) and as such we haven't put many head lettuces in the shares this summer. It's going to be hot this week, and when it's hot I love having some pulled pork in the crockpot to eat with lettuce wraps. As in...take meat and wrap it up with lettuce. YUM! Also a fun way to make tacos. We have been know to wrap lettuce mix and pulled pork with big leaves of...more lettuce!
Garlic- I love how much feedback we get about the garlic, yup, it's OFFTHEHOOK, enjoy!

Next week—purple cabbage, hakuri turnips, and green beans!