2016 CSA Week 13


Partial Share 
Carrots - Partial Bundle 
Cucumber - 1 slicer (American or sliver) 
                  - 1 slicer (Asian or Armenian) 
Summer Leeks - partial bundle 
Chard  - partial bundle 
Basil -  Partial Bundle
Bell Pepper - 1
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash - 2
Super Greens - Partial Bag
Eggplant, Italian or Asian ~8oz
**Red New Potatoes ~1.5# 
**Tomatoes, mini slicer - Partial Bag
**Red Sweet Onion   - 1 sm 

Full Share
Carrots - Bundle
Cucumber - 2 slicers
                   - 1 lemon
Summer Leeks - bundle
Chard- bundle
Basil - Bundle
Bell Pepper - 2
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash - 4
Super Greens - Bag
Eggplant, Italian or Asian  ~12oz
**Red New Potatoes  ~2#
**Tomatoes, mini slicer - Bag
**Red Sweet Onion - 1med

**these items are non-refrigerated and will be clearly labeled at CSA pickup for partial and full you have THREE seperate things to add to your boxed share this week; tomatoes, potatoes, and an onion**

~~~Save The Date~~~ Lower Valley Farm Pasture Walk August 25th 6:30-7:30p.m.
Join Jay for a walk through the pasture Thursday evening as he shows you our unique pasture raised beef and lamb production system in action!

Please note: We're changing the Newsletter format a bit to put the veggie list on the front page. :)

The garden is growing like crazy and we are flipping beds from main season kohl crops (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, romanesco), to late fall roots including hakuri turnips, radishes and beets. We're also flipping summer roots to fall salad crops and Asian greens. About 700 feet of beds come out of production each week this time of year. This week marks the week we'll start seeding fall arugula, lettuce mix, and radishes every week. The hakuri turnips, super greens, and baby kale are seeded bi-weekly. The last succession of beets, and an experimental late green onion are going in now. The potatoes are coming out and being seeded to a 'cover crop' that will be tilled into the ground next spring for a boost in nitrogen before planting next year's corn.

Speaking of corn, this year's corn is slowly but surely getting bigger every week and just starting to think about tasseling out (fingers crossed for Back To School Sweet Corn).

Recipe Ideas for the week
Leeks I will probably make a potato leek soup this week. I know this is capitol W, weird but when it starts getting cold out in the mornings...I often eat a hearty soup for breakfast. Sorry Wheaties...you are just not the breakfast of champions I need to put in a big work day. Too hot for soup? No Problem! I also love leeks on the grill or in a stir fry. They are also so amazing cooked in large amounts of butter and served with….anything. Butter sauteed Leek Pizza with tomatoes and pesto For The WIN!

Eggplant this is a vegetable that people usually feel very strongly that they either LOVE or DO NOT love. If you are in the DO NOT love group give this good fresh eggplant a try; it may just surprise you. It has nothing in common with the sponge-like stuff you buy at the grocery. Now, we've got two differently shaped of eggplants, the long ones are “Asian” and the rounder ones are “Italian” but they taste pretty much exactly the same. So if you had your heart set on eggplant parmesean and you got an Asian eggplant take heart! Likewise, if you got an Italian eggplant and you were thinking eggplant curry; no problem! These eggplants have different geographical origins and different shapes but they taste pretty much exactly the same.
My absolute favorite way to cook eggplant is the myth and legend; eggplant Parmesan.
But it's a bit fussy and !ohmy! It just doesn't work itself into my summer cooking rotation :).
So (surprise!) I usually peel eggplant and then roast it and add to my weekly breakfast egg bake, grill it, or stir fry it. Even though eggplant is an 'uncommon' vegetable; I find it to be one of the most versatile vegetables around. It lends an earthy unique flavor and texture to just about any dish.

Chard I know returning CSA members have heard this recipe idea before but one of my favorite ways to prepare chard is to take a few large bundles, remove the stems and thoroughly chop. Saute an onion in a very large cast iron skillet add chard make little 'nests' in the chard and crack an egg into each one and top with sharp cheddar, lower the heat and cover to allow cheese to work it's melty magic. Makes a wonderful breakfast. Have a great week ~ J&M