2016 CSA Week 12

Shoot, somehow I am putting 10 things in the shares this week?! What a great time to talk about how we decide what we put in the shares and the share value over the course of the season.

So we are usually shooting for 8 items a week. This makes it so we can put a reasonable amount of each item in the full shares and about ½-3/4 of that amount of each item in the partial shares. Often one or two items in the partial shares will be ~really small!~ and that is simply to keep the total value for the week reasonable while giving our partial share families the same variety of produce the full shares are getting. The share values are a minimum of $25/week for full shares and 17.50/week for partial shares. The first six weeks and the last four weeks we usually stick pretty close to that share value and the remaining 11 weeks of the season, usually week 7-18 we go over the value price up to $30/week for full shares and ~20/week for partial. This week is our first week this year of going over that 30/20 peak season goal. We are having a great season and are happy to share some of the extra extra bounty with you all.


Partial Share 
Carrots ~ Bundle
Cucumber ~ 1 silver slicer or asian slicer
Shallots ~ 1 
Basil ~ Partial Bundle 
Green Cabbage ~ ½ large
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash ~ 2 
Lettuce Mix ~ Partial Bag 
Tomatoes ~3/4#
Kale ~ Partial Bundle 

Full Share
Carrots ~ Bundle
Cucumber ~ silver slicer or asian slicer
Shallots ~ 2
Basil ~ Bundle
Green Cabbage ½ large ½ extra large
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash ~ 3
Lettuce Mix ~ Bag
Tomatoes ~ 1#
Kale ~ Bundle

Recipe Ideas for the week
Man this time of year gets busy doesn't it? While I'm horrible at making freezer meals I am awesome at making sure we eat well by staying on top of meal prep. What am I talking about? Well, having the pantry stocked with staples like milk, eggs, good salt, and great fats, and making sure there is always meat thawed out, and that I've got large glass Pyrex tubs full of washed cut up veggies means I've always got a meal I can put together in ten minutes.

(cucumber taxonomy)

I also like to have a couple casserole dishes full of pre-roasted veggies ready to go. Especially when it's hot. At 8 p.m. put washed cut up veggies in the oven + a stick of butter = awesome food and no hot kitchen for the next day.

Oh, and I also have a 4 qt Pyrex bowl with a lid that fits a 1# bag of salad mix. Salad always on the ready!

I also always like to have already cooked rice or potatoes in the fridge. It saves so much time in the kitchen to set aside some time for washing and chopping up enough produce for three days or even for the whole week at a time.

So, what is a shallot?
A member of the onion family, a shallot is milder than an onion and makes it wonderful for adding as a topping to a raw dish. They are also wonderful added raw to a casserole. They have a sweeter and yet more garlicky flavor than onions. They are also really good grilled. I do like sauteing them and using them just as you would an onion but they are milder so you can use more than you would use with onions.

WHOA! That's a big cabbage! Right? Here is our absolute favorite things to do with these cabbage monsters. Cut them into wedges (I like about 6 wedges per half a cabbage) and GRILL them. You can find more detailed directions from the always inspiring thekitchn.com
Grilled cabbage is awesome topped with a basil pesto (what isn't good with basil pesto?!)

WE LOVE POTATOES so much. These fresh little gems are great roasted with butter, boiled and served with simple herbs, butter and salt, or pan fried. They are delicious!

Next week: Basil, Carrots, Zucchini, I know I said it last week BUT I think next week we'll have peppers and eggplant for CSA. Also, keep fingers crossed that chard will be back to it's pre-hail finery.