2016 CSA Week 10

I'm thinking a crystal ball would be a really good investment for a Montana vegetable farmer.

If we would have seen this weather coming we would have planned a bit differently. We definitely could have gotten away with late June and early July plantings of Asian greens, arugula, salad turnips, radishes and spinach this year. But, who could have known it would be rainy and cool? Like I mentioned last week, we are loving this weather and guess what else is? Ohmygoodness Romanesco! It's in your box this week. Seriously amazing!

Despite all the time we spend planning planting dates and working on our crop calendar in the winter, unusual weather like this is a good affirmation on the common sense of being a diversified farm. Weather that isn't the best for one crop is perfect for another. Tomatoes a little late? No problem when you are harvesting three-pound heads of broccoli! Sure the beans will be 10-14 days later than usual, but the peas are so prolific with the cooler weather. Speaking of planting dates, in what always seems like sheer lunacy this time of year when we are starting to get up to our eyeballs in vegetables; we've got our first succession of fall crops going in the ground this week with more to follow every two weeks for the next six weeks. Let the awesome train keep rolling down the tracks for months to come.

As crazy as it seems to have so much seeding and transplanting on my crop calendar for this Monday, I know all the planning that went into it this winter, and I Trust The Planting Calendar and keep on seeding.

A common comment we get in spring is “I can't believe you have ____ already.” And into summer and fall “I can't believe you still have ____.” As you can imagine, having enough produce to create diverse CSA shares 21 weeks in a row and go to market with a truck full of a wide range of vegetables 24 weeks in a row takes...A TON of planning, intention, and multiple succession plantings throughout the season!

CSA WEEK 10 Partial Share Full Share
Golden Beets - Partial Bundle
Red Cabbage - ½ small 
Sugar Snap Peas - Partial Bag 
Green Onions - Partial Bundle
Basil - Partial Bundle 
Romanesco - Medium 
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash - 1
Lettuce Mix - Partial Bag 

Full Share
Golden Beets - Bundle
Red Cabbage - ½ large
Sugar Snap Peas - Bag
Green Onions - Bundle
Basil Partial - Bundle
Romanesco - Large!
Zuchini or Patty Pan Squash - 2
Lettuce Mix - Bag

Recipe Ideas for the week:

I picture you opening your CSA box and scratching your head...what the heck is THAT?

That is a Romanesco, an Italian heirloom which is technically a cauliflower but I think it tastes more like broccoli. You can use it in any recipe that you would use for cauliflower or broccoli, roast it, saute it, steam it, grill it. They are beautiful chopped up and grilled in the grill basket.

I know those green onions got a bit big; back when we were harvesting green onions I was about 50 bundles shy of being able to take them to market in spring; looks like I accidentally set them out a few rows over mixed in with the shallots and noticed them when weeding last week. I'm actually surprised that sort of thing doesn't happen more often. Even though they are big they are super yummy. The tops are big and crunchy and yummy.

Golden Beets are so good boiled or roasted and served with butter. They don't have the same earthy flavor as red beets and are a bit sweeter. They make ugly soup though. No borscht for these beets!
Golden beet tops are seriously my favorite green (I know you are thinking: 'you say that about all the greens') But seriously, don't throw them out and don't eat them just because 'they are healthy.' Yeah, it's true. They are chock full of potassium BUT eat them because they are awesome.
I like to saute an onion, chop up the beet greens, saute a few minutes and then add balsamic vinegar and cook another minute.

Next week: Basil, Carrots, Cauliflower, Tomatoes? Cucumbers? (COME ON TOMATOES AND CUCUMBERS!!!)

Looks like it's finally going to start feeling like summer this week. Keep cool and enjoy your veggies,