2016 CSA Week 1

Welcome CSA Members Week 1 May 2016 ~by Mandy

We look forward to meeting all our new customers and seeing our returning customers this week! We will be talking more about our farming practices and happenings in the weeks and months to come. This week let's focus on:

Post Harvest Handling (a.k.a ~KEEPING! AWESOME! VEGGIES! AWESOME!~)

A common question we get at market is “how long will this lettuce last?”
What a great question! We take care to keep the veggies in the shade while harvesting, refrigerating in our walk in fridge immediately, washing them, and hydro-cooling (soaking cooled greens in cold clean well-water). So, your greens, should last a week to 10 days if you take good care of them from the time you pick them up, to when you eat them. We love it when we get positive feedback about how clean our produce is, and how long it stays fresh!

I have a couple of suggestions for how you can continue post harvest handling to keep your veggies fresh after picking them up:
~If you aren't going home immediately, it's a good idea to put your veggies into a cooler or cooler bag.

~Put all the veggies in separate plastic bags, and store in the fridge. The plastic helps retain the moisture in your beautiful fresh veggies. Left out in the fridge and they'll quickly turn into Sad Wilted Vegetables.

Trying to minimize your plastic consumption?
~Put all the veggies in separate reusable mesh vegetable bags. There may be times you forget to put your veggies in the fridge right away, or when you forget to put them into plastic before storing them in the fridge. If you do have Sad Wilted Vegetables they can be soaked in cold clean water to revive their crispness.

~Cut the tops off your root veggies if you aren't eating them in the first few days. This keeps both the tops and the roots fresher. (see below for Radish Top Recipe!)

In short -- keep them cold and keep them contained—this will keep them awesome.


Partial Share
Butterhead lettuce   ~  Medium head
Spinach Bag   ~  Small bag
Spring herbs   ~  Small bundle
~tarragon, chives, sorrel
Bok Choi   ~  Medium
French breakfast radish   ~  Small bundle
Baby turnip greens   ~  Small bundle

Full Share
Butterhead lettuce   ~  Large head
Spinach Bag   ~  Large bag
Spring herbs   ~  Bundle
~tarragon, chives, sorrel
Bok Choi   ~  Large
French breakfast radish   ~  Large bundle
Baby turnip greens   ~  Large bundle

Time for some recipes!

Salad and Salad Dressing
Well, that Butterhead Lettuce is just begging to be made into a beautiful salad topped with radishes, isn't it? You can take your Spring Herb Bundle and chop it all up and top your salad with those glorious herbs. (yes! Even the tarragon stems and ESPECIALLY those beautiful purple chive flowers) Or you can take your herb bundle and make a simple dressing in the blender/food processor and toss in the whole herb bundle. You'll get the licorice sweet tarragon, lemony zest of sorrel, and the mild onion flavor from the chives in one beautiful dressing. There are so many recipes for salad dressing. But basically: a few cloves of garlic + 3 part oils + 1 part vinegar + salt + a bit of water = great salad dressing.

Braised Greens (turnip or radish or get crazy !turnip and radish!) Did you know you can eat your radish tops! I love them prepared the same way I prepare those DE~LIC~IOUS baby turnip greens. Saute some onions or garlic in a generous amount of fat, when onions/garlic are translucent add finely chopped greens. Saute for a few minutes, add a dash of lemon or balsamic vinegar, cover and cook ever so slightly more. These tender greens don't take much cooking. I love bitter greens with eggs; omlet, frittata, quiche with some sharp raw milk cheddar and greens, chopped fresh herbs, DELICIOUS!

Stir Fried Bok Choy The WHOLE Bok Choy, both the stemmy white part and the top green part are delicious. I love the crunchy texture the Bok Choy adds to stir fries and the greens are so good. Make into a stir fry or just saute it and enjoy!

Coming Week 2:
Next week we will have the same veggies hopefully with salad turnips instead of radishes and definitely (GIANT!) Napa Cabbage instead of Bok Choi, and maybe parsley as the weekly herb.

We have a special order sheet for those who want MORE veggies! Email or text your order to us by Monday at 6 p.m. and we will have your order ready for you at the time of pickup.