Welcome 2016!

New Year New Brochures!

CSA brochure
Beef Brochure

For lamb questions, please read the FAQ.   To order, give us a call at (406) 471-9538.

We have an Instagram account!  Click on this thingy to get over there:        Instagram

And if you aren't friends with us on Facebook check in there for our most frequent online updates.

We have revised and updated most of the content on the website including an updated page about the first four years of the farm on The Farm page.

Also, for CSA subscribers (and anyone really!) our weekly newsletter is going on-line.  We'll post it under the "Blog" tab at the top of the page.  ALSO!  The subscriber link at the sidebar works Really Well.  And is a great way to get the newsletter in your email inbox.  That's all it does - no spam, we promise!

2015 presented us with opportunities for bountiful growth we look forward to going into year four a little wiser and more well rested.

Wishing you all a wonderful January,
Jay and Mandy